Employee benefits administration outsourcing with Canal HR is a cost-efficient way to provide the right benefits for your employees.

After all, your employees are the backbone of your business because they facilitate its growth and reputation. Providing exemplary employee benefits will motivate your employees to bring their best selves to work every day. Outsourcing your employee benefits administration allows you to focus on running your business with efficiency while our experts at Canal HR relieve the administrative burden of benefits administration.

What Are Employee Benefits?

Employee benefits are added bonuses or perks provided to employees on top of their salary. It is in your company’s best interest to provide employees with benefits because you will be able to attract and retain quality employees.

Here are just a few of the employee benefits that Canal HR can help you provide:


Medical Insurance

Life Insurance

Dental Insurance

Disability Insurance

Cancer Insurance

Along with these benefits, we offer additional services such as free discount prescription drug cards and employee assistance programs.

Why Are Employee Benefits Important?

A good benefits package will help you retain employees and prevent them from leaving your company for competitors. Along with many other important aspects, they will also encourage your employees to become more engaged with the programs that you offer. If your staff utilizes your health insurance program, you will have fewer employees getting sick—reducing your company’s healthcare costs.

Enhance Your Appearance

Obviously business owners want to acquire high-quality workers, but they don’t just fall from the sky. Acquiring these workers requires your business to have a strong foundation. Employee benefits can differentiate your business from other companies. Offering more than just the base salary makes your business more attractive.

Overall Better Morale

When your business provides employee benefits, employees will be more dedicated to their job because the benefits make them feel understood and secure. Showing your workers that you care about them is an organic way to increase their loyalty—in turn, you will receive their best work.

Lower Your Turnover Rate

It can be strenuous to make exponential progress when you have employees coming and going. This makes it even more difficult to establish a team with high skill levels about your company. Employee benefits administration outsourcing is a sure way to retain employees.

Promote Employee Health & Wellness

Have you ever gone to work sick? You were probably not as productive as you would have been had you felt your best. When your business offers employees access to healthcare programs, fewer employees will call out sick because they will go to the doctor frequently. The overall work environment will be healthier, as well, because more people who are healthy and ready to work means increased productivity and profitability.

Components of Employee Benefits Administration Outsourcing

Companies that outsource their employee benefits administration to Canal HR’s expert team give us the responsibility of managing those benefits. Our program is designed to make it possible for business owners to dedicate more of their time running their businesses. The administration of employee benefits can be a complex task with a lot of paperwork for business owners.

Whether you are a small business owner or run a larger company, managing your employees’ benefits is a task that requires a lot of time and paperwork. Canal HR’s employee benefits administration outsourcing program takes care of all of that for you.

Medical Insurance

Our clients are able to choose between group health plans or individual health plans. Group health plans will require the employer to contribute a portion of the premium in a group plan, but an individual health plan does not require employer contributions. With our medical insurance program, you can ensure that your employees are at their optimum health when they show up to work.

Life Insurance

Although this isn’t the most pleasant topic to think about, everyone should be prepared. When you pass away, you can protect your family from financial hardship with our life insurance policy. Our policy allows up to $300,000, and can include coverage for spouses and children. You can keep your employees at ease with life insurance coverage.

how to offer comprehensive dental insurance

Dental Insurance

Keep your employees smiling with Canal HR’s dental insurance. Employees can become eligible for dental coverage after six months of employment. Our dental plans include:

  • Visits to any doctor.
  • Cleanings, x-rays, fillings, bridges, periodontal, crowns, and oral surgery.
  • Choice of high- or low-coverage option. 

Disability Insurance

In the unlikely case that your employees become injured or sick, Canal HR’s disability insurance can help you provide them with a monthly income while they are out of work. We have options for both short term and long term benefits. 

  • Short-term benefits can begin as early as the 8th day of employment and last up to 2 years.
  • Long-term benefits can begin when short term benefits end and can pay up to age 65. 

An added bonus to our disability program is that some of our coverage is fully portable and guaranteed renewable. Increase your employees’ loyalty and improve your company’s foundation by helping them when they can’t help themselves. 

Cancer Insurance

According to the American Cancer Society, cancer is the second most common cause of death in the United States—accounting for 1 in 4 deaths. Battling cancer is a fight that is not easily won. It can be mentally, physically, and financially draining. Canal HR’s cancer insurance covers the expenses that are not covered by traditional insurance, which help to reduce stress induced by financial burdens. 

Our policy provides cash benefits paid to employees who are battling cancer. They include:

  • Cash payment for the first diagnosis of internal cancer.
  • Cash payment for chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy.
  • Cash benefits for each impatient surgical operation performed.
  • Cash benefits for blood, plasma, and platelets.
  • Benefits per calendar year for cancer screening tests.

Employees battling cancer do not have to fight the battle alone. Your business can help alleviate some of the pain with Canal HR’s cancer insurance coverage. 

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