Canal HR is your New Orleans workers’ compensation insurance provider.

Whether your business is established or new and growing, workers’ compensation is a necessary expense to make sure you’re prepared for accidents before they occur.

New Orleans Workers’ Compensation: What’s Covered

Employers of small and large businesses alike are legally required to make sure their workplaces are safe places for people to work. Even when an employer is making every effort to promote safety in the workplace through training and other protocols, accidents can still happen. In almost every state in the US, business owners are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance—also known as workers’ comp—that kicks in when any employees are hurt on the job.

Medical Expenses

Although most workers have their own medical insurance plans, workers’ comp provides additional coverage that can help your employees pay for expenses connected to any work-related injuries. Typical expenses include hospital visits, surgeries, and any prescriptions need in the short and long term.

Workers’ compensation provides an extra safety net for employees so that they aren’t further burdened by costs associated with getting healthy following an accident.

Lost Wages

Hopefully, if there’s an accident at work, your employee will be back on the job sooner rather than later. But giving employees time to recover is important. Workers’ comp helps replace lost wages so than an employee can still get paid while out on leave following an injury or illness.

Your workers’ compensation insurance plan will allow you to provide extra support to your employees without taking a massive cut out of your revenue.

Ongoing Care

Sometimes medical care needs to be stretched out over time, for follow-up visits with doctors or with ongoing treatment like physical therapy.

Workers’ comp gives added coverage for longer-term medical expenses that still affect your employees, even after they return to work. This ensures that your employees remain healthy and able to do their best on the job.

Funeral Expenses

Workers’ compensation insurance can also provide funeral expenses in the event that an employee dies from a work-related accident.

Workers’ comp can also provide death benefits to beneficiaries to help ease the trauma of losing a loved one.

How Canal HR Can Lower Your New Orleans Workers’ Comp Costs

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  • Whether you’re the CEO of a large enterprise or the owner of a growing business with just a handful of employees, Canal HR can help your company thrive by saving you money on workers’ compensation insurance. Especially for small business owners, the cost of workers’ comp can be an overwhelming expense that raises your bottom line. Canal HR has a reputation for being a regional leader in making workers’ comp costs more manageable and helping you save money.
  • Canal HR is a PEO, or professional employer organization. This means we take care of payroll tax administration, risk management, and human resources support, while you maintain control of the day-to-day management of employees such as hiring, firing, promotions, and demotions. You can focus on growing your business while we manage non-revenue generating activities, such as payroll processing and benefits administration.
  • Because Canal HR is a PEO, it can handle the administration of benefits, payroll taxes, regulatory compliance, and human resources more efficiently than a single business could on its own. That includes having the buying power to negotiate rates on things like workers’ compensation insurance, giving you a price that’s typically lower than what a single business can obtain on its own. These cost advantages are passed down to your business, saving you money and generally enabling you to offer a broader scope of benefits to your employees.
  • Canal HR shares the employer responsibilities of your business. In this co-employment relationship, Canal HR helps to alleviate the burden of employer risks, including handling workers’ compensation claims.

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Canal HR is Your New Orleans Workers’ Compensation PEO

Your company can ensure a safer workplace and control workers’ compensation costs with a good PEO. Canal HR’s experts and workers’ comp administrators will work to ensure your company maintains a safe work environment and keeps expensive claims in check. Below are some of the workers’ comp and risk management services we provide:

Eliminating workers’ compensation down payments

Negotiating and obtaining workers’ compensation insurance coverage

Investigating fraud

Eliminating workers’ compensation audit and audit premium

Performing risk management safety inspections

Providing periodic safety training

Processing and managing workers’ compensation claims

Handling workers’ compensation hearings

Maintaining OSHA logs

Coordinating a return-to-work program

“The cost of my workers’ compensation insurance was about to put me out of business. Instead, the people at Canal HR got us great rates on work comp… it saved our company.”

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