Canal HR is Your Louisiana PEO

Searching for a Louisiana PEO? Look no further. Canal HR is an experienced professional employer organization located in Metairie, Louisiana. We’ve been operating in the New Orleans area since 1992 but serve hundreds of businesses across the southeastern region of the United States.

We specialize in providing administrative services to business owners including:

  • Payroll administration
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Risk management
  • And more  

Our program is designed to make it possible for business owners to devote more of their time and effort to running their businesses, instead of fussing with seemingly endless paperwork.

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Jefferson Chamber Member 2021
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What Services Does Canal HR Offer?

Canal HR offers the best you can get from a Louisiana PEO. In addition to having their payroll taken care of, our clients are able to take advantage of our low rates on workers’ compensation plans, retirement plans, medical insurance, and more through our Section 125 Cafeteria Plan. These benefits can be paid by the employer or employee before taxes are taken out.

Plus, we have an on-staff attorney to consult on any HR-related topics. And we provide an interactive web portal that allows your employees to look at past paychecks and access tax forms at any time of day.

Read about some of our available services below.

Payroll Preparation

If managing employee paperwork, depositing employment taxes, and staying up-to-date with employment laws are taking away from expanding your business, get Canal HR to handle payroll preparation for you. We make sure that all new hire paperwork is filled out and filed correctly, provide comprehensive payroll reports, and hand-deliver your employees’ checks.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Provide your employees with the extra security they need and meet federal and state requirements for workers’ compensation insurance. In the event that one of your employees is hurt on the job, workers’ comp helps cover medical expenses, lost wages, ongoing care, and even funeral expenses. Almost every state in the country requires workers’ comp, and Canal HR will make sure you’re meeting regulations in your area.

Group and Individual Insurance

Canal HR has an in-house agency that can take care of all of your employees’ insurance needs. Choose which types of plans you want to offer, and we’ll get you and your employees the best rates.

We offer a range of group and individual insurance plans, including:

  • Medical insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Cancer insurance
  • And more

401(k) Retirement Plans

Our top-of-the-line retirement plan gives your employees a large variety of investment options including Roth deductions. Our 401(k) plans come with online access so that your staff members are able to check on their contributions whenever they’d like. Our retirement plans are offered to our clients for a one-time sign-up fee. There are no ongoing costs to you for operation of the plan.

Online Employee Access

Because it’s important to have full access to your financial records, our clients’ employees can log in online and access their own pay stubs, payroll history, and Form W-2s. Plus, employees are able to reprint stubs and tax forms if needed for lease and mortgage applications, accounting services, or any other reason.

Free Discount Prescription Drug Card

Canal HR offers discounts on prescriptions at most pharmacies and savings on eyeglasses and a variety of other products and services. Get your free prescription savings coupon today, courtesy of Canal HR.

Employee Assistance Program

Included with our other services, our employee assistance program provides extra support to our clients’ employees who are overcoming personal difficulties, including emotional and behavioral issues, alcohol and drug dependencies, and struggles with financial planning.

Christmas Savings Program

We can help your employees save for big expenses during the holidays with our Christmas savings program. Deposits can be deducted automatically through payroll, and your employees even earn interest on their savings! Every March we offer enrollment in our Christmas Club. In November, we’ll send a check with all of the deductions, plus interest, just in time for those end-of-year expenses.

Drug Testing and Physicals

Need help instituting drug testing and physicals for new hires and job candidates? Canal HR can provide pre-employment, post-accident, and random testing for your company.

Background Checks

To keep you in the know, Canal HR provides local and national background checks, along with driving records, so that you can make the best hiring decisions possible for your business.

Pay Cards

If any of your employees do not have bank accounts, we can offer Visa-branded pay cards that allow easy access to their funds and freedom from trips to the bank and check-cashing fees. These pay cards work with direct deposit and are convenient for many people.


In addition to other services, we help with Form I-9 compliance and verification. Using the E-Verify program, Canal HR is able to check the employment eligibility of job candidates with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

A Form W-4, a pen, and a calculator

Who Uses a Louisiana PEO?

Canal HR works with hundreds of companies across the southeastern United States and represents over 4000 employees.

Most of our clients are either growing small businesses that do not have dedicated human resources and payroll departments or larger organizations that want to take work off of their plates so they can focus on their work. Ranging from just a few employees to up to 1000, our clients are leaders in a variety of industries.

Make Canal HR Your Louisiana PEO Today

Canal HR can help your small company offer big benefits. By outsourcing payroll, workers’ comp, and employee benefits administration to Canal HR, you can keep your mind on your business and attract the best candidates with competitive offers. 

Let us take over the administrative hassles of running your company and provide extra benefits to your employees. We want to be your Louisiana PEO.

FREE Prescription Drug Card

Free Your Company From Time-Consuming Personnel Management TODAY!