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Are you looking for a reliable Louisiana W-2 filing company that can save you time and money during tax season? Professional employer organizations (PEO) like Canal HR can alleviate the stress of performing your own W-2 filing responsibilities while saving you money. 

When you outsource your W-2 filing to Canal HR, your company gets access to many other benefits. From professional help to long-term benefits, we set up you and your organization for success. 

Located in Metairie, Louisiana, Canal HR works with large and small businesses across Louisiana and the southeastern United States.

Louisiana W-2 Filing at Canal HR 

With Canal HR, we help your company with more than just W-2 filing. The process of filing W-2s is quite extensive and you may not have all of the time and money to adequately tackle the task at hand.

Your W-2 filing begins and ends with payroll preparation. There are many moving parts associated with preparing and maintaining payroll, W-2 filing included.

From new-hire paperwork to state and federal forms, Canal HR helps you submit all payroll-related forms on time every time while bringing you these long-lasting benefits.

Access to Professionals 

When you outsource your Louisiana W-2 filing with Canal HR, you get access to our employment professionals. Our seasoned staff is available for any questions or concerns regarding the best employment practices. We work with your current staff to increase the efficiency of your payroll-related and W-2 filing obligations.

Although you have the option of hiring new individuals to your staff, it isn’t always the best strategic or financial option when you can outsource to a trusted, licensed team of experts. You can fully trust the quality of work you’ll receive with Canal HR. 

Boost of Efficiency 

At Canal HR, we align our services with your company’s culture and current workflow. It is important to maintain an efficient workplace so that HR tasks don’t get in the way of your day-to-day work. We can increase the efficiency of your staff by providing them with assistance based on our high knowledge of the market.

Louisiana W-2 filing with a PEO can help streamline the most critical employment functions. Canal HR provides you with an immense amount of resources and people that can give your business long-term benefits that facilitate growth and development. 

Time Savings 

There are only so many hours in a day. On average, HR and payroll specialists spend about 36 hours per week on just compliance-related responsibilities. Your company, big or small, has many tasks to complete, and by outsourcing to Canal HR, you can take some of the work off your plate.

Canal HR can decrease the amount of time you spend preparing your W-2 files significantly. We will handle your Louisiana W-2 filing and ensure that they will be submitted before the federal- and state-regulated deadlines. 

Cost Savings 

Unlike some other PEOs, Canal HR doesn’t charge you extra for W-2 filing. 

The cost of hiring a full-time or part-time employee is almost always higher than the cost of outsourcing your W-2 filing operations. Companies that utilize a PEO such as Canal HR have an average cost savings of $1,775 per employee. 

As an employer, you shouldn’t have to pay your PEO extra to file your employee’s W-2 forms. Instead, we provide Louisiana W-2 filing without any additional cost. 

Using Canal HR as your PEO means that your company reports its wages, with all of our other clients’ wages giving you an economy of scale. This allows your company to receive more benefit options at lower rates. 


As your Louisiana W-2 filing company, Canal HR has flexible service offerings that can adjust to your company’s needs. 

Workplace regulations are constantly altering with new and better ways of operating businesses within a specific industry. Our professionals help you monitor and adapt to your industry’s regulations, making you more flexible to today’s changing work environment. 


Professional employer organizations give businesses the opportunity to become scalable. This means that you can expand the reach of your business and attract new clients. With Canal HR, we can handle a multitude of employment and payroll responsibilities that will assure your ability to scale without exhausting your company’s resources in the process. Businesses can rely on Canal HR for as many or as few services as they would like. The possibilities are endless with a PEO. 

Get Your Louisiana W-2 Filing and More With Canal HR

Stop spending any more of your time and money on extraneous W-2 filing. If you’re ready to take the next step in streamlining your Louisiana W-2 filing and payroll preparation services with Canal HR, give us a call at 504-507-9294 today to schedule your free consultation.

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