Managed Care Programs/RN

No matter how good a Safety Program is, on the job injuries will occasionally occur.  Canal HR Business Services has developed an aggressive Managed Care Program for those occasions. We have a  Registered Nurse on call for employees injured on the job who need immediate medical management intervention.  For injuries of a serious nature, this early intervention insures that the proper medical treatment is delivered in a timely and cost effective manner.

Canal HR Business Services has a network of Preferred Occupational Medical Providers, who work with us to insure that all injured employees are given the best medical treatment and returned to their jobs as quickly as possible.  If an employee needs specialized care, they are directed through our Preferred Provider Network to an appropriate provider. Canal HR Business Services also has a nationwide preferred provider pharmacy arrangement, which insures that medications are purchased at the lowest cost available.

The goals of Canal HR’s Managed Care Program includes lowered medical costs associated with on the job injuries, and returning those injured workers to gainful employment as soon as possible. Canal HR Business Services has a proven successful track record with their unique program. This program has a positive effect on the overall cost of doing business, helping clients to lower their worker’s compensation premiums.

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