Cancer Care Health Insurance

Cancer care health insurance works with other employee plans

The importance of cancer care health insurance is clear by the numbers: One out of every two men and one out of every three women in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. 

Beating cancer is not only mentally and physically difficult. It can be financially draining, too. While it is difficult to consider the possibility of you or an employee developing cancer, it’s important to have access to the best cancer insurance options available. 

With cancer care health insurance through Canal HR, you and your employees can have secure and comprehensive coverage for any cancer treatments or services that may be necessary. Our cancer insurance plan covers additional costs that not all supplemental plans do, giving patients and their families more financial peace of mind while seeking treatment options. 

Canal HR is here to ensure that your employees can take care of their health needs in trying times. 

What are Supplemental Health Insurance Plans?

Supplemental health insurance plans, such as cancer care health insurance, provide additional healthcare coverage for extenuating circumstances. Having traditional health insurance does not necessarily mean that your expenses for cancer treatment will be automatically covered.

Depending on the type of health insurance that you have, you may have some of these costs covered, but you’ll almost certainly need supplemental insurance to work alongside your primary insurance. 

The majority of supplemental health insurance plans cover the costs of the following: 

  • Deductibles
  • Co-insurance
  • Co-payments

Other supplemental insurance plans also come with additional benefits, including coverage for  lost income due to missing work. While most supplemental health insurance plans will pay out-of-pocket for these expenses, others will grant you either an incremental or lump-sum cash benefit.

Cancer Care Health Insurance and Other Supplemental Plans for Cancer Patients 

Due to the various complications that can arise during cancer treatment, many patients also seek out other supplemental insurance plans to work alongside cancer care health insurance. Some of the additional supplemental plans that cancer patients seek out are the following:

  • Disability insurance: This replaces loss of income due to health issues that keep the patient from working. This insurance is often provided by employers and government-sponsored programs. Individual policies are also available. 
  • Hospital indemnity insurance: This insurance covers a fixed number of days of hospital stays. The number of stays has a maximum number decided on by the insurer. This policy is typically used by patients with a basic insurance plan that limits their number of days in the hospital.  
  • Long-term care insurance: This provides coverage for long-term care. This coverage is usually applied to nursing home care. Although patients can purchase long-term care as an individual plan, it is usually provided by Medicare and private plans.

Other Things to Know about Cancer Care Insurance Plans 

Cancer care insurance plans are meant to help patients and their families navigate the high costs of cancer treatment. However, affording both traditional health insurance as well as cancer care health insurance can be challenging. Some patients may take on a supplemental insurance plan without realizing that it contradicts their primary health insurance, which could lead to less coverage and more financial stress.  

While cancer care health insurance serves an important role, it is still an additional insurance cost that individuals and families must take on during difficult times. Those who are facing cancer treatment need access to affordable and comprehensive cancer care health insurance that won’t contradict their primary health insurance plan. 

How Canal HR’s Cancer Insurance Coverage Works

Cancer care health insurance is something that cancer patients and families rely on. That’s why you and your employees deserve broad and affordable cancer insurance options. 

Canal HR’s cancer plan covers many of the expenses that are not covered by traditional health insurance and other cancer plans. Our cancer care plan works with our primary health insurance options to ensure that your additional expenses will be taken care of. Canal HR’s cancer care can help lessen the financial and emotional stress of cancer treatment, providing your employees with the right resources when they need them most.

Cash Benefits Paid Directly to Your Employees

With Canal HR’s cancer care health insurance plan, your employees can have their cash benefits paid directly to them. Our plan provides patients with cash benefits for the following:

  • Cash payment for the first diagnosis of internal cancer
  • Cash payment for chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy
  • Cash benefits for each impatient surgical operation performed
  • Cash benefits for blood, plasma, and platelets
  • Benefits per calendar year for cancer screening tests

Additional Benefits

There can be many unexpected costs that arise during cancer treatment. That’s why Canal HR’s cancer insurance plans offer additional benefits that are not always included in other cancer care plans. Some of the great benefits included in Canal HR’s cancer care coverage include:

  • Lodging and transportation benefits for the insured individual and a family member
  • Coverage for new or experimental treatments
  • Blood plasma platelets
  • At-home nursing

Get the Right Cancer Care Health Insurance Coverage for You and Your Employees Through Canal HR

Cancer coverage can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With Canal HR, you can trust that you and your employees can have access to the right plan in the event that one of you receives a cancer diagnosis. 

We have decades of experience in providing human resources and benefits services to employers across the southeastern United States. To talk with one of our PEO experts about getting employee benefits, worker’s compensation, payroll administration services, and much more for your business, contact us today through the Canal HR website. 

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