One out of every two men and one out of every three women in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Beating cancer is not only mentally and physically difficult, but it is financially draining. Our cancer plan covers expenses not covered by traditional insurance and can help lesson the financial burden by providing resources to you when you need it most.

Cash Benefits Paid Directly to You

  • Cash payment for the first diagnosis of internal cancer
  • Cash payment for Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, and Radiation Therapy
  • Cash benefits for each impatient surgical operation performed
  • Cash benefits for blood, plasma, and platelets
  • Benefits per calendar year for cancer screening tests

Other benefits include:

  • Lodging and Transportation benefits for covered person and a family member
  • New or Experimental Treatment
  • Blood Plasma Platelets
  • At Home Nursing

You can get a quote or call our Licensed Customer Service Representatives at 504-662-1791.

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