Essential Employee Benefits for Small Business

Employee benefits make any business successful. The more cared for employees feel, the better their performance will be. Company culture and morale will be positively off the charts. When starting a small business, choosing which employee benefits are necessary and when to begin providing them may be challenging. Canal HR will help you figure out […]

How Do 401k Contributions Work for Employees?

The American financial system can seem like a knot. How do 401k contributions work? This simple question can lead employees and employers alike down a rabbit hole regarding retirement plan contributions, federal and state income tax, and more. Luckily, we’ve unraveled this mess for you, and we are here to supply you with the basics […]

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Q1 Planning With Canal HR

Your business will encounter challenges and opportunities. Take advantage of the new year and maximize your organization’s potential. Canal HR’s dedicated team of experienced professionals is here to ensure that you start the new year off right. Read on to learn how your business can get a head start on the coming financial year with […]

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How to Effectively Run Performance Reviews Part 2

To read part one, click here Tips for Administering Performance Reviews Now that you’ve successfully identified the role you would like the performance review to take within your company, you can start fine-tuning the review process itself. Above all else, management should remain mindful that no two reviews should ever be the same: each individual […]

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How to Effectively Run Performance Reviews Part 1

Feedback is essential. It allows your employees to assess their performance and act upon that assessment. Conversely, poor or absent feedback creates a negative working environment for your employees. This negative work environment manifests unclear expectations, ineffective communication, and general inefficiencies in the workplace. The most efficient and helpful way to implement a healthy work […]

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How to Determine Your After-Tax 401k Contribution

Do you want to save more for retirement but have already maxed out your 401k? If your employer allows after-tax contributions, you can save beyond the pre-tax limits pre-tax and increase your contributions tax-free. While this strategy isn’t for everyone, understanding the basics can help determine if it’s right for you.  What is an After-Tax […]

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How to Use Employee Engagement to Increase Motivation

Have you ever wondered how to use employee engagement to increase motivation? Employees increasingly want to be involved in their work and understand the decisions of leadership, be enthusiastic about the company they work for, and have a sense of belonging, all things that are considered employee engagement. In fact, Global Human Capital Trends conducted […]

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Things to Know About Hiring Seasonal Employees

Each holiday season, retail and highly-trafficked shopping retailers begin hiring more workers to cope with the increased amount of shoppers. As shoppers search for the perfect gift for their friends and family this holiday season, employers need to know the benefits, concerns, and other navigable issues when hiring, training, and working with seasonal workers.  The […]

How to Provide New Parent Benefits

Providing support to your workers often manifests in many different ways. Providing insurance, sick leave, flexible scheduling, and other benefits are non-negotiables that businesses offer to their employees. New parent benefits are situational to employees that have recently or are having a child. Creating an effective plan for supporting new parents within your workforce can […]

Christmas Savings Program: Everything You Need to Know

With the holidays rapidly approaching, some employees might be stressing about all the holiday shopping they need to do. A great way to prevent that additional holiday stress is to start a Christmas Savings Program, or a Holiday Savings Club, at your business. This program was started in 1909 by Merkel Landis of the Carlisle […]

Pros and Cons of PEO

The pros and cons of PEO can heavily influence your business’s decision on whether or not to outsource your HR to a third-party organization. Utilizing a PEO can be liberating for businesses of any size or volume and is an efficient way to use your company’s capital to streamline its processes. Read on to learn […]


When considering who will handle administrative tasks for your organization, you will likely encounter the discussion of a PPO vs. PEO. What is the difference between the two? Which is best for your organization? Every organization’s situation is different- read on to arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to differentiate a PPO vs. PEO. PPO […]