Canal HR: Your Local PEO

Canal HR is your local PEO here to help your small business succeed. Is your Louisiana company in need of human resource operations? Rather than hiring full-time employees, save on costs and address those needs by hiring Canal HR. As a professional employer organization, we can handle your company’s administrative needs while you focus on doing what you do best. 

What Can a PEO Handle For You? 

Think of your PEO as your new and handy human resources department. At Canal HR, we operate with the exclusive intention of handling your human resources needs. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about your business falling behind on rigid deadlines due to an overwhelmed or under-skilled in-house HR team. 

Never Miss Another Deadline

As experts on legal issues and healthcare, we handle issues that most people might not be as familiar with. Hiring a PEO will save you time trying to grasp what you don’t understand. However, failing to comply with strict requirements and mishandling human resource matters can result in huge problems and possibly even hefty fines for your business. Sometimes, failure to comply with legally required paperwork can result in steep penalties and fines.

When these duties are outsourced to Canal HR, you can rest assured that your business’s paperwork is done correctly and on time, allowing you to skirt those inconvenient fines. Canal HR has expertly trained, seasoned professionals fully dedicated to handling your business’s filing needs, whether it’s for workers’ compensation proceedings, payroll, healthcare, or more.

Employee Benefit Needs

When growing the staff for your small business, even some experienced human resources professionals can get lost while handling the complicated and tedious procedures associated with employee benefits, especially if the company is growing quickly. Rather than run into more problems and confusion, it may be easier to work with a PEO. 

We help you provide your employees with dental, medical, and life insurance and specific coverage for employees diagnosed with cancer. Short- and long-term disability insurance is also available to keep employees who fall ill covered and paid until they are back on the job. 

At Canal HR, we know the ins and outs of these and many more of your employee benefit needs. Our experience allows you to rest easy knowing that you are compliant with all employment laws and that your staff is appropriately cared for. 

Risk Management 

Accidents are prone to happen, sometimes when you least expect it. Risk management aims not only to provide workers’ compensation for injuries on the job but also to prevent those accidents from happening in the first place. This can end up being a somewhat expensive investment, but it has the potential to save you money in the long run by preventing accidents and injuries. Canal HR works to identify, analyze, and respond to risk factors to avoid future issues. We will work closely with your small business to provide comprehensive risk management services for a fraction of the cost. 

Workers’ Compensation 

From overseeing medical treatment to communicating with insurance carriers and preparing personnel for their return to work, appropriately managing workers’ comp claims requires in-depth understanding and care. 

Even with an effective risk management program, not all accidents are inevitable. When the worst occurs, your PEO is there to ensure that workers’ compensation claims go smoothly. Our comprehensive workers’ compensation care program provides your business with necessary workers’ comp insurance coverage, a network of qualified medical providers, and diligent management of all claims. 

When combined with our robust risk management program, effectively managing workers’ compensation claims will lower your business insurance premiums over time–just another way that Canal HR can save your business money.

And more! 

In addition to these services, Canal HR offers payroll preparation, 401(k) retirement plans, online employee access, free discount prescription drug cards, drug testing and physicals, an employee assistance program, and more.

Canal HR can help your small company offer significant benefits at the end of the day. Attract the best candidates and provide the best care for your employees with competitive offers.

Go Local for Your PEO

In helping your business succeed, it is essential not to underestimate the power of local knowledge. On top of the more than 180 federal employment-related laws, companies must also comply with state employment-related laws. 

While national PEOs tend to have larger clients across several regions, Canal HR is an expert in the southeastern business scene. Based in Metairie, Louisiana, we’ve been operating in the New Orleans area since 1992 with clients in Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. 

With Canal HR, we support your business with rich knowledge of the local marketplace, ensuring that your employees are provided with the best benefit package options available in your local area. Join the over 4000 employees that Canal HR represents today.

Choose Canal HR as Your Local PEO 

The paperwork that goes into properly running a business can seem tedious and seemingly endless–let us tackle it for you! Canal HR is here as your local PEO, whether it be payroll administration, workers’ compensation, risk management, human resource compliance, or more.Canal HR is here to ease your mind by reducing your costs with expert-level care. Let Canal HR handle what we do best, so you can focus on your business. The solution to your HR needs is only a click or call away. Contact us today for a free consultation.