Finding Dental Insurance in Louisiana

Before finding LA dental insurance, it’s essential to know all the essentials, so you can make the best decision possible for your needs. Routine dental procedures are expensive, and unexpected procedures can arise quickly. Because of this, dental has consistently been at the top of desired employer-covered benefits by job seekers.

Insurance can be challenging to navigate, which is why we put our expertise to use by creating this small guide on how Louisianans can find the best dental insurance for their dollar. Luckily, you have options, whether you’re a small business deciding what plans to offer your employees or an individual looking to find affordable coverage.

Dental Insurance Overview

There are three main types of dental coverage. Which one is best for you will depend on your needs, but it is best to research the different plans available when finding LA dental insurance.

The first is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). You may have heard about healthcare “networks,” which are when doctors agree to offer fixed rates for specific services. A PPO is a plan that uses a specific network, and you have to use that network to get your best rates. You can still go out of network if you need to, but you will likely pay more since the insurance will not cover as much of the bill.

The second is a Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO). With a DHMO, dentists are paid monthly by insurance companies for each member in exchange that they will see you when you come in. Usually, some services will be entirely covered under a DHMO, but for more specific procedures, you may still have to pay a copay. A DHMO plan usually also has a network that you have to use, and you may be required to live in a specific area as well.

The third is a Discount or Referral Dental Plan. This is when your insurance provider refers you to a dentist in exchange for a lower rate for you. The insurance provider doesn’t necessarily “cover” dental expenses, but they essentially negotiate discounted rates on your behalf, then you pay for the visit.

A less common type of dental coverage that isn’t usually seen in the market is an indemnity plan. This plan is a comprehensive insurance plan that is generally more expensive. The insurance company agrees to cover a specified amount. You are then free to choose any dentist you like, but you will have to pay for the procedure and file a claim when you have dental work done. The insurance provider will then reimburse you for the specified amount.

Where to Find LA Dental Insurance

There are two primary ways that people obtain dental insurance. Dental insurance can be included in your health insurance plan, or you can purchase dental insurance as a stand-alone plan. Dental plans come in two general varieties, “high” and “low.” High coverage requires you to pay a higher premium with lower copayments, while low coverage requires lower premiums and higher copayments.

Insurance can be purchased through plans in the marketplace, or your employer provides group insurance as a benefit and covers some of the premium. These are generally the two ways you’ll find LA dental insurance, and there are pros and cons with either option.

Individual Coverage

The policyholder purchases individual coverage, and these plans are usually found by contacting an insurance provider directly or by searching specific plans on the marketplace. Personal coverage is almost always more expensive than group coverage, but you still have the flexibility to choose the coverage you need.

If your employer doesn’t offer healthcare benefits or their group doesn’t include dental insurance, you’ll have to pursue individual coverage through the marketplace or contact dental insurers directly.

Group Coverage

Group coverage is usually supplied through an employer, who agrees with an insurance company to offer specific insurance plans as a benefit to their employees. Group coverage is excellent for large corporations, but small businesses have a more difficult time receiving competitive rates for group coverage. In addition, because small businesses offer fewer employees to sign up for the plan, insurance companies will usually charge small businesses more for group coverage. 

Many businesses will instead partner with a professional employer organization (PEO) to get around this difficulty. A PEO partners with many small businesses and will negotiate more competitive rates on behalf of the small businesses. In addition to other helpful HR services, PEOs offer small businesses the same competitive benefits that large corporations have, which means small business owners can save money while providing their employees with better plans.

Partner Your Small Business With Canal HR for the Best LA Dental Insurance

The best LA dental insurance is the plan that gives you the best bang for your buck. In most cases, that will mean outsourcing employee benefits to a PEO like Canal HR. In addition to the most competitive employee benefits, Canal HR also offers many other services that will allow small business owners to focus more on growing their business and less on the headache and paperwork associated with benefits like dental insurance. Whether payroll processing or workers’ compensation, outsourcing your HR needs will save you time and money.

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