How to Find a PEO That Works for You

how to find a peo

When tasked with how to find a PEO, or professional employer organization, that works best for your company, there are many things to consider. A PEO is a great option for companies that have a lot on their plate and want to ensure that their human resources are running smoothly. Whether it’s figuring out the details of a workers’ compensation claim or processing payroll, with the right PEO, you can take your human resources to the next level, but many find themselves stumped on how to find a PEO that works for their company. Here are some great resources on how to find a PEO that works for you. 

How to Find A PEO

As a business owner, you know the value of a dollar. Listed as one of Forbes’s health insurance hacks, PEOs might be the option you never knew you needed. Often, one of the most cost-effective solutions to the woes of human resources, PEOs are unchartered territories for many businesses. When business owners are wondering how to find a PEO, the first step is always research to decide if it’s the right option for them. You don’t want to waste time or resources on inefficiencies that do nothing for your business. Often, companies find a great use for PEOs to aid with administrative tasks and follow the hefty guidelines in human resources. Before you select a PEO, make sure you’re taking the following considerations into account:

Assess Your Business Needs

If you’re wondering how to find a PEO that works for you, most likely you’ve already considered the needs of your company. You want to be sure you’re selecting the right organization that will be able to carry out the functions that matter most to your business. Take this time to really dive into the ins and outs of your human resources department and make sure your potential PEOs can meet all of your company’s goals. You want to maximize the benefits available to your employees when you seek out a PEO, so narrow down what your company needs to get the best results. Note: a PEO can offer your company so much more. Let’s take a look!

What Can A PEO Offer?

  • Payroll Preparation – As to be expected, any PEO worth your investment should offer grade-A payroll services to get your employees compensated. Under the umbrella of payroll, an accredited PEO will handle employment taxes and paperwork, ensuring that your business stays updated and remains within compliance with federal and local employment regulations.
  • Workers’ Compensation – If your business requires it, a good PEO brings you the extra security of workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ comp covers medical expenses, lost wages, and so much more when you have an employee who’s been hurt on the job. Factoring workers’ compensation into your decision will make how to find a PEO easier for you. Here are the two types of workers compensation services that Canal HR offers:
    • Managed Care Program – Through Canal HR’s workers’ compensation managed care program, your employees can receive optimal medical care from medical facilities and healthcare providers at a lower cost.    
    • Occupational Safety Program – Through this program, Canal HR will provide you with occupational health and safety training to prevent injuries and anticipate potential issues within the workplace. This program provides strategic solutions and instructions to keep your employees in a safe work environment. 
    • Risk ManagementThe risk management program is tasked with identifying, analyzing, and developing responses to specific risk factors that may arise in your work environment. When considering how to find a PEO, you should notice if your company needs assistance in safety inspections, policy implementations, and work-related injury investigations. In these times especially, a knowledgeable PEO can help you know what to do if your employee is exposed to coronavirus and make sure you have the correct procedures in place to keep everyone safe. This is the best way to ensure that your employees can get the most out of their benefits. 
  • Group and Individual Insurance – PEOs, like Canal HR, can offer in-house insurance coverage to take care of your employees’ medical needs. Whether your staff needs dental insurance, life insurance, or any other medical coverage, a comprehensive PEO should offer resources to provide you with cost-effective coverage for your employees. 

Canal HR: The PEO That Works For You

If you’re overwhelmed by how to find a PEO that works for you, look no further than Canal HR. Canal HR is a licensed professional employer organization. When you outsource your human resources needs with us, feel assured that an accredited institution is handling the needs of your employees and completing the administrative duties of your company to the best of our ability. We offer in-house medical coverage, assistance handling employee claims, aid in adhering to local and federal laws, and so much more. In a partnership with Canal HR, you are truly getting the best PEO with a wide range of services available. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your business.