The Benefits that Employees Want the Most, Explained

The realm of employee benefits has expanded considerably in recent years. However, not all employee benefits are equally as valuable to every employee or company. With options like family and pet healthcare plans, tuition assistance, fitness perks, and many more to consider, business owners may wonder which benefits their employees want the most.

The Most Important Warehouse Safety Tips

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, warehouse fatalities doubled, and injury rates grew to 5.1 per 100 full-time employees in the past five years. In this period, increased efficiency and automation have led to hurried warehouses. Reviewing warehouse safety tips and regulations can keep your business from adding to these statistics while remaining […]

Do I Need a PEO? How Your Business Can Benefit

At one point or another, many business owners have asked themselves, “Do I need a PEO?” It can be tricky to answer at first, but once you get a good idea of what a professional employer organization can do for your company, the choice becomes a lot simpler. PEOs assist small businesses with handling administrative […]

How to Create an Employee Pay Structure Made for Growth

Choosing the business slogan, creating a business plan, finding an office space or a storefront, are all fundamental aspects of creating a successful small business. On top of all that, you can’t forget to focus on job recruiting, interviewing and ultimately hiring new employees. These are the building blocks to a business, but what many don’t consider when starting a business is employee retention.

starting a small business in new orleans

Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Small Business in New Orleans

In the great city of New Orleans, small businesses are the backbone of our economy. We rely on thousands of local, culturally diverse, and innovative businesses that draw millions of tourists to the city each year. Think about it: What is the foundation of all your favorite New Orleans events? Whether you are thinking about Jazz Fest, Mardi Gras, Southern Decadence, or Crawfish Fest, all these signature festivals rely on small businesses.

What Exactly Are HR Responsibilities and Duties in a Company?

Many people know and understand that every business should have an HR person, but they don’t know what HR responsibilities and duties in a company are. HR is an essential part of every company that keeps the business running. They are responsible for making sure everyone feels comfortable among many other things.

Fallen construction worker covers his face while coworker stands over him talking on the phone

What to Do If One of Your Employees Is Injured at Work

Keeping your employees safe and healthy on the job is by and large the most important role for any business manager. But accidents can happen, on-site and off. Even the most experienced workers can find themselves impaired by unexpected hazards and environmental conditions.

average vacation time for small businesses

What Is The Average Vacation Time for Small Businesses?

When starting a small business or considering working for one, it is important to consider the average vacation time for small businesses. This average can depend on lots of factors but the most common is years of service. Depending on how long an employee has worked for your business often determines the average vacation time.

How to Find a PEO That Works for You

When tasked with how to find a PEO, or professional employer organization, that works best for your company, there are many things to consider. A PEO is a great option for companies that have a lot on their plate and want to ensure that their human resources are running smoothly. Whether it’s figuring out the […]

Officer checking fever team engineer and technician foreman with digital thermometer in cargo container shipping. Prevent the outbreak of the virus covid-19.

What to Do If Your Employee Is Exposed to Coronavirus

After a year of sheltering in place, businesses are finally ready to bring their employees back to the workplace in-person. And with vaccines becoming more widely available, the end is seemingly in site. But the world isn’t quite out of the clear when it comes to figuring out the best way to return to work and it’s clear that adjusting to the new normal won’t be as seamless as some might think.

How to Understand Workers Comp Codes in Louisiana

Have you ever struggled to understand workers comp codes in Louisiana? Do not worry: You are not alone. At Canal HR, we work with workers comp codes all the time and can help you get to the bottom of things.

Keep reading for a breakdown of worker comp codes in Louisiana and what they are used for.

How To Set Up Payroll for Small Business Owners

Figuring out how to set up payroll for small business owners can be difficult. Paying your employees in a timely manner is essential to keeping your business running smoothly and your employees happy.

Payroll can seem like a daunting task, no one wants to mess up their employees paycheck, but it doesn’t have to be.