Can You Work While on Workers Compensation?

If you have been involved in a workplace-related incident resulting in injury or illness, you may wonder, “Can you work while on workers compensation?” Typically, workers who are actively receiving workers compensation are not eligible to work at their primary job, and are also not eligible to seek out secondary employment. As a professional employer […]

How to Save Money on Workers Compensation Insurance

Whether you’re a brand new mom-and-pop operation or a larger, more established company, you’re probably wondering how to save money on workers compensation insurance. Although it might seem like just a nice add-on, all businesses are required by law to carry workers comp. To learn how to save money on workers compensation insurance, we’ve created […]

Ladder Fall Protection: Workplace Safety Guide

When your employees use a ladder at work, ladder fall protection techniques provide them with safety and security. Your employees may never think about falling off a ladder when they step onto one, but it is a highly imminent risk associated with using a ladder.  As an employer, it’s your responsibility to keep your workforce […]

How Long Can a Workers Comp Claim Stay Open?

Whether you’re a CEO of a large corporation or a business owner of a newly established company, it’s important that you know the answer to the question, “how long can a workers comp claim stay open?” While some plans allow for claims to stay open indefinitely, it is in most cases more beneficial to keep […]

How to Return to Work After Coronavirus

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, many states are offering plans for how to return to work after coronavirus and reopen certain businesses to the public. This could be a difficult concept for many business owners and employees, who want to know how to restart work after months of being at home.  What will adjusting to […]

Coronavirus Small Business Loans: What You Need to Know

Managing a small business in the midst of an economy reeling from coronavirus is stressful. The Federal Government has recently passed several measures to make more loans available to small businesses. Navigating all of the legalese and provisions of these recent acts, however, can be highly daunting. We’re here to help you sort through the […]

Payroll During Coronavirus: How Pandemic Relief Bills Affect You and Your Employees

If you’re wondering about how payroll during coronavirus is going to function for your small business, you’re far from the only one. This global pandemic has altered the existing structures of companies in countless ways, including the new federal mandates requiring small business owners to give their employees COVID-19 sick and family leave. In this […]

Payroll Taxes for Remote Employees: Everything You Need to Know

Whether your business is growing or you need to alter your work environment during trying times like the coronavirus pandemic, payroll taxes for remote employees is a potential hurdle your business may encounter. Keeping track of your remote employees for payroll reporting can be somewhat confusing, especially as your remote team expands.  Understand that payroll […]

What Does a PEO Do?

Business leaders who are overwhelmed with administrative human resources tasks often consider outsourcing to a professional employer organization, but many wonder first, “What does a PEO do?”  A PEO is a professional employer organization that establishes a co-employment relationship with companies. This business-to-business relationship allows company leaders to continue to run and manage their business […]

Outsourcing Workers’ Compensation: The Top Reasons

Outsourcing workers’ compensation is becoming increasingly popular among employers today. When you outsource your company’s workers’ compensation insurance, you can hand off the responsibility of maintaining compliance and cost to a professional employer organization, or PEO, such as Canal HR.  Workers’ compensation is an exceptional security blanket for both employees and employers. If your employee […]

Can You Offer Employees Different Benefits?

For business leaders creating a benefits package, the question, “Can you offer employees different benefits?” often arises. You can offer employees different benefits. Federal law does not require employees to have the same coverage. However, you risk serious complications when you decide to offer employees different benefits.  Essential benefits such as health insurance are under […]

Workplace Violence

All employers have a legal and ethical obligation to promote a workplace free of threats and violence.   Employer violence prevention measures can include the following: Develop a workplace violence policy and prevention program and communicate such to employees. The policy should include reporting and investigation procedures.  Require that any incident of violence, even threats be […]