What are the Benefits of a Consistent Account Manager?

The benefits of a consistent account manager cannot be understated. Your account manager is often the person with the most consistent contact with your potential and present clients alike- this person must be thoughtfully hired, trained well, and trustworthy. 

The Benefits of a Consistent Account Manager

An account manager’s payroll is a significant investment for any business, regardless of its scale, stage, or industry. Because of this, it’s essential to carefully consider the benefits of a consistent account manager to make the correct hire. 

Consistent Point of Contact

An account manager, once hired, should become the most consistent point of contact for your clients- this is what makes the position so monumentally important and integral to the success of your business. When your clients have one consistent point of contact, it’s easy for that client to become acquainted with this person, leading them to feel more comfortable when approaching a representative of your business with any questions or concerns during the fulfillment of your services to them. The account manager, in return, also becomes acquainted with your client, leading to much smoother business and personal relationships between the two parties.


Being accessible is a core part of your account manager’s job. Having one person whose job it is to be easily accessible leads to efficiently delegating responsibilities and tasks when serving that manager’s client. In addition, an accessible account manager creates one easy line of contact for the client to access, removing any potential miscommunications or misunderstandings that may arise when your clients don’t have an easily accessible point of contact with your business. This is especially important in industries that require constant communication between client and business- the slow degradation of these interactions that may occur without a consistent account manager might lose your business more than you save by not hiring one.

Account Setup

After acquiring and hiring a professional, consistent account manager, you may immediately notice that interactions between your business and your existing clients become more efficient and contain fewer misunderstandings and communication errors. In addition to these benefits of a consistent account manager, account setup should become much more manageable. When you have a dedicated employee for the setup of new accounts, client relations should immediately improve faster than before acquiring your account manager.

Improved Client Satisfaction

After hiring a consistent account manager, businesses have reported a 63% decrease in customer attrition. Improved client satisfaction should always be the goal when making significant changes to your infrastructure or practices. When you can improve your client satisfaction, you will often recommend your business to associates or colleagues. 

How to Hire a Consistent Account Manager

If you’re a business whose model requires extensive and frequent contact with your clients, hiring a consistent account manager should be on your to-do list: optimizing business-client communication alone will be an enormous weight taken off of any business’s shoulders. It will also make their processes that much more efficient.

Do Your Research

To find the right employee, do your research. For example, what education and certifications are necessary to be a successful account manager? What experience will suit you? Researching trends and standard best practices will assist you in providing competitive benefits packages, an appropriate salary, and making the educated hire. 

Understand the Role You’re Hiring For

Not all account management positions are made equally. You may be in an industry that requires account managers to have significant experience in the field, and in some cases, that may not be necessary. Your business and clients are unique, which means the job you’re hiring for is unique. Businesses should not treat this as a cookie-cutter position and hire a cookie-cutter account manager. Your role will have unique responsibilities and requirements, and it’s vital to have an intimate understanding of these before hiring an account manager. 

Conduct a background check

It’s easy to find trust in a potential hire and neglect conducting a proper background check to avoid hassle and costs. However, no matter the trustworthiness of a potential hire, you should always perform a background check. Background checks prevent any legal or trust issues that may occur with a new hire and will save your business money in the long run when they’re conducted consistently. To learn more about the benefits of conducting background checks, check out our blog post on the subject.

Provide Proper Training

The work does not end at the hire date. Even the most qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced account manager is not clairvoyant. Businesses should not drop an account manager into pre-existing accounts with business-client relationships that have been built over several years and expect them to succeed. Providing account managers with the necessary tools to provide quality work and correspondence to your clients is essential in making the hire go smoothly. 

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