Why Background Checking Your Applicants is Important

Background checking your applicants can sometimes seem like an invasive process. However, there are many reasons why background checks are so necessary. While they may be considered unnecessary for a specific job, they can be essential to your hiring process. They can also save you from unknowingly hiring the wrong candidate. From legal reasons to making sure you hire the best person for the job, background checks should become a standard procedure in your human resource’s hiring process. 

Reasons why background checks should be a crucial part of your hiring process are:

  • Legality
  • Avoiding liabilities
  • Verifying their resume
  • Checking certifications and credentials
  • Hiring the most qualified candidate

Conducting background checks can verify that you have a qualified candidate and have made the right decision to choose which applicant to hire. 

Legal Reasons

One of the most important reasons for background checking your applicants is to ensure they are a reliable and trustworthy candidate for the job. Checking their criminal history to see if they have been convicted of any crimes, are on probation, have any outstanding warrants, and are on the sex offender registry should be the first step in verifying a candidate’s eligibility for a role. Additionally, it should be custom to confirm that they have provided you with the correct name and social security number. This information is necessary, so you can make sure they are a U.S. citizen or have a legal right to work in the country. 

Liability Precautions

Another record to run a background check on is your candidate’s credit report. This check is not always necessary; however, if the job will require them to manage a budget or have access to funds, it can be an essential checkpoint. A final check is looking at a candidate’s motor vehicle records. This ensures that they have not been in any accidents or received citations, especially if the job will require them to operate a vehicle. Above all else, safety should be your priority in the job hiring process, which is why doing legal background checks can be one of the most critical parts of the job hiring process. Keeping your employees safe is vital and avoiding liability issues that could cost your company.   

Confirm What’s on their Resume

While this may seem like an obvious reason, it is imperative to ensure that a candidate is truthful on their resume. Studies have shown that 78 percent of candidates are not entirely honest during hiring. This is because they may not wholly qualify for a position but want to appear as though they exceed the requirements. You can verify their qualifications and skills by asking for references and contacting past employers. This will ensure that the candidate has the proper background and qualifications. In addition, this can help you identify any red flags that a past employer might be aware of. Talking to a past employer can also help you understand if the candidate aligns with your company’s goals and values. Confirming their education is also an essential step in the process of background checking your applicants. While it is often assumed that a candidate will not lie about their degree, it is vital to make sure. This can be done through a standard background check. 

Verifying Certifications

Often, jobs will require a government-issued credential. This might include a teaching credential, medical license, or a CPA license. Having specific certifications is vital for performing a particular job most of the time. However, people may not be truthful about their possession of these credentials. This is why ensuring that their licenses are legitimate will save you and your staff from hiring an unqualified candidate. This can also become a liability issue that is best to avoid by background-checking your applicants. 

Hire the Most Qualified Candidate

Overall, making sure you hire the most qualified candidate is important. Often, it can come down to a decision between two highly qualified candidates. A background check and verification of credentials can help you make the final decision. Being open during the hiring process and asking for permission to perform a background check can encourage candidates to be fully honest and transparent in their application and interview process. While this may deter certain candidates, this will make the hiring process much easier by leaving you with those who meet all the requirements. Background checks can also discourage applicants that may have something to hide. Looking into a candidates background will make your job much simpler. 

Eliminating Uncertainty

You want to be sure that you have made the right decision in choosing who to hire. A lot of pressure comes from leading the hiring process, and you want to be secure in your decision. A background check and other verifications can be a reassuring component of your decision. You must be thorough in your hiring process, and without a background check, this can become much more difficult. Whether the job you are hiring for is an entry-level position or an executive role, all possible candidates should be evaluated with the same level of detail to ensure your company’s success.  

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