What Does a PEO Do?

Business leaders who are overwhelmed with administrative human resources tasks often consider outsourcing to a professional employer organization, but many wonder first, “What does a PEO do?” 

A PEO is a professional employer organization that establishes a co-employment relationship with companies. This business-to-business relationship allows company leaders to continue to run and manage their business while the PEO provides affordable and extensive payroll, benefits, and human resources services for their employees.

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What Does a PEO Do? The Responsibilities

So what does a PEO do? In general, a PEO offers business owners the opportunity to tighten their focus on core competencies within their company by delegating a wide array of their employee-related responsibilities. 

While PEOs handle specific employer obligations, business owners will still obtain control of their employees’ daily activities and the company’s operational decisions. 

Every professional employer organization provides different services to employers. The service agreement that each party signs upon the establishment of the co-employment relationship will entail the PEO’s specific services that it provides. 

Explore the available services that many PEOs offer to companies below. 

Payroll Administration

When maintaining the payroll of your company becomes too demanding, a PEO can help you manage your businesses’ payroll preparation. Professional employer organizations allow businesses to maintain a consistent payroll schedule and report and file the necessary comprehensive paperwork that employees complete upon hire. 

Workers’ Compensation and Other Insurance

As a business owner, you can’t predict if an accident will occur in the workplace, but you can prepare and protect yourself and your employees with workers’ compensation insurance. A PEO can provide workers’ compensation to your company while ensuring that you’re meeting regulations within your area.

Professional employer organizations have the buying power to negotiate workers’ compensation rates, which gives businesses the chance to acquire coverage at a lower rate. 

With a PEO, business owners are also offered a wide range of group and individual insurance plans, such as:

  • Medical insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Cancer insurance

Human Resource Compliance

Although PEOs deal with many of your business’s human resources tasks, the organization does not have to replace your internal HR department. Instead, a PEO works with your internal HR team by offering support and expertise in cultivating company culture and administering workplace policies.

Professional employer organizations usually consist of seasoned HR experts that have in-depth experience with various industries. Whenever your team is faced with complex HR situations, a PEO can provide your company guidance on how to effectively solve the problem. 

Companies must comply with state and federal industry regulations. PEOs help companies stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about these regulations as they can change frequently. 

What Does a PEO Do? Canal HR 

Canal HR is a professional employer organization that works with hundreds of businesses across Louisiana and the Southeastern United States. Our staff of experienced consultants offers a broad spectrum of businesses high-quality outsourced administration services. 

For almost two decades, we have assisted numerous businesses in the growth and development of their companies. We provide them with competitive workers’ compensation insurance, payroll administration, and employee benefits. 

That’s not all we offer at Canal HR. When clients outsource their payroll and administrative services with us, they also secure access to the following benefits:

  • 401k Retirement Plans
  • Online Employee Access
  • Free Discount Prescription Drug Card
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Christmas Savings Program
  • Drug Testing and Physical Examinations
  • Background Checks
  • Pay Cards
  • E-Verify

At Canal HR, we also have an attorney on-hand in the event that you need legal expertise on employment topics. Our trusted team of experts align their work with your company’s current team—creating a cohesive and undisrupted work environment. 

Canal HR is your one-stop shop for a multitude of business administration services. Oftentimes, businesses have to acquire different vendors to provide different services and benefits to its employees.

From payroll services to retirement plans, partnering with a PEO like Canal HR is more cost-effective. You can receive all of your business services through one entity or vendor. 

At the end of the day, PEOs can support the future direction and growth of your organization. 

See How Canal HR Can Help You Today

If you’re ready to outsource your human resource administrative duties to Canal HR, contact us today so you can get back to running your business.  

Every type of business can earn value from utilizing a PEO. Learn more about how your company can significantly improve by outsourcing your business administrative services with Canal HR now.