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If you run a business, Canal HR is your New Orleans payroll preparation company, serving Louisiana and the Southeast United States. When you have a business to run, keeping up with the regular administration of payroll can feel like a chore, whether you’re paying your employees weekly, biweekly, or every month.

To help lighten your load, Canal HR can take care of your payroll preparation for you, including staying up-to-date with employment laws, delivering your employees’ checks, and providing comprehensive payroll reports. We also take care of quarterly income taxes that are due to the IRS on behalf of your staff.

If you don’t have the time or the staff to have your own dedicated payroll processing department or would prefer to have professionals take care of tasks for you, Canal HR can act as your off-site payroll division. Our team of experts is here to help you, and we are available whenever you need assistance.

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Why Outsource Payroll Preparation?

Outsourcing your New Orleans payroll preparation needs may make sense if your internal costs for taking care of the same tasks are a burden. Since Canal HR’s team of experts are industry professionals, we can easily and efficiently take over payroll responsibilities that might prove difficult to keep up with.

Outsourcing payroll through Canal HR allows you to focus on your business’s day-to-day operations. You’ll have more time to concentrate on finding ways to grow your business without the regular hassle of time-consuming tasks like payroll preparation.

When assessing whether it makes economic sense to outsource your payroll activity, consider how much these ten factors would cost you to handle on your own:

  1. Training of Payroll Staff
  2. Dedicating Personnel for Payroll versus Other Business Tasks
  3. Buying and Upgrading Management Software and Hardware
  4. Gathering Payroll-Related Information
  5. Performing Calculations for Wages and Hours
  6. Calculating Federal, State, and Payroll Taxes
  7. Tracking Payroll Tax Deposit Due Dates
  8. Monitoring Changes in Federal and State Payroll Tax Rules and Legislation
  9. Calculating Your Ongoing Tax Liabilities
  10. Setting Up and Administering a Pre-Tax Benefit Plan

New Orleans Payroll Preparation Tasks for Your Business

One advantage of having Canal HR handle your payroll preparation is not having to remember all of the myriad tasks required of business owners when handling paying their employees. Some of these tasks are required by law, and others put your business in the best place to grow. If you need help with any of the following, contact us today. 

Classifying Your Employees Correctly

As your staff grows, you’ll likely have employees that need to be classified differently in your payroll. Some employees might be full-time and salaried, while others might be paid an hourly wage. Canal HR can guide you in making sure that all of your employees and consultants are paid correctly and classified correctly. This ensures that you’re meeting state and federal regulations including the minimum wage and overtime requirements.

Paying Payroll Taxes

The IRS, as well as most states, requires employers to file a quarterly report on wages and to regularly deposit payroll, witholding, Social Security, and Medicare taxes. So while your employees are likely only worrying about taxes once a year, you have ongoing responsibilities each payroll period. With our New Orleans payroll preparation services, we can make sure you’re depositing withheld taxes in a timely fashion.

Creating a Payroll Policy

Every business, no matter what size, needs a clear policy that explains to employees how and when they’ll be paid. Payroll policies can also detail what an employee’s compensation is and additional benefits, such as paid time off, sick days, expense reimbursement information, and commission rates. Plan to have new employees sign a payroll policy upon being hired, so that all of this information is clearly communicated.

Paying Employees on Time

If Canal HR is handling your payroll preparation, you don’t have to worry about accidentally forgetting to send out a paycheck on time or scheduling a direct deposit. Canal HR works with your regular pay periods and will hand-deliver checks to your door or process bank transfers to employees’ bank accounts.

Generating and Filing Forms on Time

Payroll can create a lot of paperwork, and for business owners, it can seem difficult to get it all filed correctly. With Canal HR, you’ll never have to worry about submitting payroll-related forms on time again.

The paperwork process includes:

  • New hire paperwork
  • 941 quarterly forms
  • 940 federal unemployment forms
  • State unemployment forms
  • W-2s
  • W-3s
  • 1099s
  • 1096s
  • And More

Canal HR: The Best in New Orleans Payroll Preparation

Since 2013, Canal HR has provided payroll services, workers’ compensation, and employee benefits to small businesses in New Orleans, throughout Louisiana, and across the entire southeastern United States. Whether you’re getting your business off the ground or you just want to take some tasks off your plate, let Canal HR handle your payroll and make your life easier.

Contact us today to speak with our team about how Canal HR can transform your business.

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