Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Payroll Services for Hurricane Laura Relief Workers

The grave impacts of Hurricane Laura on Lake Charles and its surrounding areas can already be seen in news coverage, photographs, and videos from the region. If you’re a relief worker helping to rebuild communities, homes, and businesses destroyed by the storm, you need workers’ compensation insurance and payroll services for yourself and your team in Lake Charles.

Whether you’re a Southwest Louisiana resident or have traveled to the region to assist with recovery efforts, workers’ comp is necessary to ensure that you’re covered in the event that your employees are injured on the job. Instead of hassling with individual insurance and payroll providers, let Canal HR take care of all your administrative needs. Our workers’ compensation and payroll services can allow you to put your efforts where they’re needed, instead of on excess paperwork.

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Lake Charles Workers’ Comp to Rebuild after Hurricane Laura

No matter what safety protocols you’ve put into place, businesses in Louisiana must provide workers’ comp coverage that helps cover medical expenses, lost wages, and more in the event of a workplace-related accident. Workers’ compensation insurance protects your company in case one of your workers is unexpectedly hurt during hurricane relief and rebuilding.

Based in New Orleans, Canal HR works with hundreds of businesses across the southeastern United States. We have direct experience working with contractors and small business owners providing reconstruction and relief services following major storms and hurricanes. Using Canal HR can help you get to work faster instead of getting bogged down by unfamiliar state and local regulations and requirements.

Whether you’re an independent contractor or a larger business, Canal HR can use our vast network of clients to negotiate the lowest possible rates for workers’ compensation insurance in the Lake Charles area. Using a PEO is the easiest way to bring your company to Southwest Louisiana to help rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.

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Hurricane Laura Construction Payroll Services

If you’re leading a team to assess the damage and rebuild following Hurricane Laura’s destructive path through the Lake Charles area, you may also need help managing payroll for your employees.

Canal HR is an experienced payroll service provider and can help you cut checks every week. Additionally, Canal HR handles all of the reporting and tax documents that you’re required to do when operating a business in Louisiana. With clients across the state and the region, Canal HR knows the ins and out of payroll services for post-hurricane construction teams.

Lower Your Workers’ Compensation Expenses & Get to Work Today with Canal HR

If you’re ready to get to work in Calcasieu Parish, Cameron Parish, and neighboring areas, get in touch with Canal HR to make sure your business is equipped with legally required workers’ comp coverage.

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