Accounting for PEO Payroll: What Employers Need to Know

Accounting for PEO payroll is an important part of the payroll preparation process that professional employer organizations take care of for their clients. However, companies still have certain legal responsibilities with regards to accounting for PEO payroll, even when a PEO handles the majority of the payroll process.

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Basics of Accounting for PEO Payroll

If you’re a small business owner looking to hire a professional employer organization (PEO) to handle your company’s payroll, you may wonder what accounting for PEO payroll entails. Payroll accounting is the collection, organization, and filing of records related to employee payment. This includes tracking how much money is withheld from each employee’s paycheck for benefits or taxes. But when you hire a PEO to handle your company’s payroll, who holds the responsibility of payroll accounting? 

Learning about accounting for PEO payroll will require you to understand the relationship between a PEO and the business that seeks out their services, also known as the client company.

PEO as Co-Employer

Co-employment describes the relationship outlined in the client service agreement (CSA) between a PEO and the client company. In this CSA, the client company will agree to have their employees registered as employees for both the company and the PEO who provides employer services for the company.  

But why is co-employment part of the CSA between a client company and a PEO? The answer is that co-employment helps define which rights and responsibilities of the client company will be taken on by the PEO. PEOs such as Canal HR can take on a wide variety of responsibilities related to human resources and business management. Depending on the needs of the client company, some of these responsibilities can include payroll distribution, benefits management, workers’ compensation, and even compliance management. 

Because PEOs take on aspects of a business’s legal responsibilities and must deal with confidential employee and client information, co-employment establishes which rights the PEO will hold in regards to the management of the client company, while also establishing which rights the company’s owners and leaders hold. 

Responsibilities of Accounting for PEO Payroll

The CSA outlines what responsibilities the PEO will take on as a co-employer for the client company, which also clarifies what legal responsibilities each party will have in accounting and filing taxes with the IRS. When a client company gives the responsibility of payroll to the PEO, they are only giving the PEO certain responsibilities of accounting for PEO payroll. 

Typically, the accounting and tax responsibilities that a PEO will take on in this arrangement include:

According to federal tax law, third-parties (such as PEOs) who manage a client’s wages and compensation duties are legally required to also handle any tax-related responsibilities that the client would normally perform themselves. However, the client company will likely be responsible for the following duties related to accounting for PEO payroll:

In a CSA between a small business and a PEO, accounting for payroll is largely the responsibility of the PEO. With a PEO like Canal HR, small business owners can focus on growing their business and building relationships with their clients and customers. 

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