Does the Healthcare Coverage Provide Minimum Value?

The Department of Health and Human Services has provided a minimum value calculator to determine if the plan is deemed to pay for at least 60% of the benefits. Alternatively, the regulators will publish safe harbor plan designs that are deemed to provide minimum value. Plans with nonstandard features may use a certified actuary.

The Affordable Care Act — What Businesses Need To Know

50 Is The Number. A business that has 50 or fewer full-time employees is not subject to a penalty for failing to provide affordable health insurance to its employees. So, now the questions – what is “full-time?” – full-time is defined as working thirty-hours a week (or more) on average during a one-month period. Part-time […]

8 Quick Reasons Why Employees Feel More Secure When Their company uses a PEO

Access to comprehensive benefits previously unavailable Better employer/employee communications Payroll on-time and accurate Professional assistance with employment-related problems Extension of statutory protection to more employees Up-to-date information on labor regulations and workers’ rights, worksite safety Efficient & responsive claims processing Portable benefits (employees can move from one PEO client to another without loss of eligibility for benefits)

July Safety Topic: Working Outside in Hot Weather

If you live in the south, summer means high temperatures combined with high humidity.  That is also the recipe for heat stress.  We offer the following suggestions and precautions for employees who work outside. Try to avoid really heavy work during the middle part of the day. You can help prevent heat illness by drinking […]

8 Quick Reasons Why Companies Like Yours Outsource to PEOs

Controls costs Saves time and paperwork hassles Provides professional assistance with compliance (e.g., payroll, Affordable Care Act) Reduces turnover and attracts better employees Manages workers’ compensation claims Provides better benefit packages(s) Provides professional human resource services (e.g., forms, policies and      procedures) Reduces accounting costs  

Are All Employers Subject to the ACA Play-or-Pay Penalty?

No, only applicable large employers are subject to the employer play-or-pay requirement. The ACA defines an applicable large employer as an employer that, during the prior calendar year, employed an average of at least 50 full-time employees. To calculate the number of full-time employees for this purpose, an employer must look at: (1) actual full-time […]

FREE Prescription Drug Card Compliments of Canal HR

Canal HR is proud to offer you and your family/friends a FREE DISCOUNT DRUG CARD. Simply print the free card below and receive savings of up to 75 percent at over 56,000 pharmacies across the country (savings average around 30 percent). This card is especially helpful if you are uninsured or underinsured. However, even if […]


Now that it’s law, employers are legally obligated to comply with PPACA’s requirements. One such requirement is that employers are required to send to all employees a health insurance exchange notice. The notice should contain. Exchange information – Employer’s requirement to notify  employees of the existence of the exchange, the services provided by exchange and how employee […]

A W-4 Form with No Social Security Number & Other Payroll Pitfalls to Avoid

Do you know what to do if your new hire fills out a W-4 form with no Social Security number or there’s a mistake on one of the forms needed for payroll?  If you don’t know what to do next, don’t panic. Canal HR has helpful solutions to common payroll pitfalls like this one.  As […]

New “SafeHarbor Rules” on Affordability Test

The “affordability” of Health Insurance coverage offered by a large employer (50 or more employees) is a key point in complying with PPACA mandates. The IRS recently issued a notice confirming two new safe harbor standards for determining whether or not your plan is affordable. Under the original PPACA law, coverage is considered affordable if […]

May Safety Topic: Drugs, Alcohol and Work

An employee who is abusing drugs or alcohol in the workplace can create a range of problems with very serious consequences for his company, fellow employees and himself. Some examples are but are not limited to: injuries, absenteeism, lost production and economic losses associated with damaged equipment or property. With that knowledge in mind, it […]

Do you know your internal costs for handling payroll?

Does it make economic sense to outsource your payroll activity? Here are 10 cost factors of managing payroll internally you should consider when comparing your options… 1.Training of payroll staff. 2. Dedicating personnel for payroll versus other business tasks. 3.Buying and upgrading management software and hardware. 4.Gathering payroll-related information . 5. Performing calculations for wages […]